Application procedure

Application procedure

Prior to your au pair’s arrival in New Zealand 

Step 1: Documents needed

Once you have decided that you want to host an au pair, there are a few documents that we need from you in order to get the process started. It does not cost anything to register and all information provided is treated confidential. 

Application form Au Pair New Zealand1. As a start, we need an Au Pair New Zealand Host Family Application Form from you, in which you fill out information about your family and the kind of person you wish to invite in your home. This Application Form will help us with the search of a suitable au pair. 

2. We also want you to send us an introduction letter and photo collage or video, so the au pair gets a first impression. In the letter, we ask you to write about your family, what the children are like, if there is anything in particular they enjoy, any special requirements etc. 

3. Au Pairs like to be prepared and a detailed working schedule will help them get an understanding of what their day will look like. We ask you to give as much information as possible. 

4. Living with another person on your home requires some organisation and with your house rules it will be easier for the au pair to know what they can expect. 

5. A police clearance for any adult person (18 years and older) in your household is also required and shall be renewed every 2nd year. Due to high demand it may take longer than the aimed 20 working days to obtain this, so we advise you to send your Criminal Record as soon as possible and notify us of the date when you have done this or copy us in when you sent the off by email. This procedure is to make sure that the au pair has a safe environment to work in. Likewise, the au pair also has to provide us with a police clearance as (s)he will live with you and work with children.

Step 2:  Interview / Reference check / Visit

We’ll try to visit you in person as we find it important to build up a relationship with you. However, when this is not possible, we will give you a call after we have received your application form to discuss it with you, explain how we work and answer any questions you may have. This is a good opportunity for us to get to know each other. We will also contact the 2 references you provide in the application form. 

Step 3: Contract between you and Au Pair New Zealand

Registration is free, but you enter a legal agreement and accept our Terms & Conditions when you submit your application form.

Step 4: Payment of the initiation fee

You will receive an overview of available au pairs and a non-refundable initiation fee of 150 NZD shall be paid prior to receiving full profiles and contact details of our au pairs. This will will be deducted from the placement fee when you go ahead with an au pair. Payment shall be settled within 5 days after receiving the invoice. 

Step 5: Search for your au pair

We work together with experienced partner agencies overseas who help us with the screening of your potential new au pair. They will need to prove their childcare experience and ability to work as an au pair and provide us with a police clearance, medical check and also copies of their international driving licence, passport, visa and other relevant documents such as e.g. a first aid certificate.

When we have found a suitable candidate, we will send you a link to the au pair’s full profile. If you want to touch base, we will  send a similar link with information about you to our partners overseas so the Au Pair can get him/herself familiar with your family and expectations.

If there is a mutual interest, we’ll send you each other’s email addresses, Skype details and/or phone number. We find it important that you take your time to find out if you are suitable for each other prior to committing, but have a standard procedure in place to make the placement as smooth and efficient as possible:

A. Upon agreeing your mutual interest, you have 3 days to establish contact with your Au Pair. If no contact has been made, we will suggest the Au Pair to other families. 

B. Once you have established contact, we advise you to email each other and arrange a first Skype interview within 5 days. During the first interview, you can ask your potential Au Pair any possible questions. You are welcome to contact us if you need advice on which questions to ask.  

C. When there is a match between you and the Au Pair, we suggest a second Skype meeting within the next 5 days, where the Au Pair has a chance to meet all family members if this was not the case during the  initial interview. 

We expect you to make a decision within 2 weeks after the initial contact. 

The time it takes to find an au pair varies and depends on the time of the year and preferences of both parties 

Step 6: Contract between you and your au pair

After you have made an offer to your new au pair to become part of your family, we will send you an Au Pair – Family Contract, which is based on the International Au Pair Association’s Guidelines, New Zealand Employment Law and also the information you have provided to Au pair New Zealand. The Au Pair shall wait to book her flight until you have signed your part of the contract, but the arrival date shall be discussed together. 

Step 7: Payment of the placement fee

After a placement has been confirmed, either in writing or by oral agreement, you are liable to pay us the full placement fee minus the initiation fee. This shall be settled within 5 working days after receiving the invoice. 

Step 8: Visa information

An au pair comes on a Working Holiday Visa. There are differences between countries when it comes to the duration an Au Pair can legally stay with your family. You can check the Immigration New Zealand website for information as it is in your own interest that an Au Pair has the right documents.

Step 9: Booking of flight

It is important to discuss a suitable arrival date with your Au Pair to make sure you are available to pick them up or have alternative arrangements in place. We will confirm the flight details with you. 

After your au pair has arrived in New Zealand 

Step 10: Getting organised

Au Pair New Zealand will help your au pair to settle from the very start. During the first 4 weeks, we will give them a weekly call to see how they are and if they have any questions. After this, we will call them once a month for the duration of their stay. You are also welcome to get in touch at any time. There is a 24-hour emergency help line on 04 889 23 17. Au Pairs are invited to become part of our Facebook community so they can touch base with other au pairs. 

Apart from welcoming your Au Pair into your family and helping them to integrate, we also ask you to assist them with:

  • Opening a bank account
  • Help them to obtain an IRD number
  • Provide them with driving lessons (privately or through a driving school) until both of you are comfortable

Step 11: Mediation and replacement au pair  

Go to the Netherlands with Au Pair New Zealand 5We mediate between you and your Au Pair in case of communication breakdowns and will only share information that you want us to share. It is important that you feel that we act in each party’s best interest and that you can get in touch at any time.

In the event that you and your Au Pair cannot come to an agreement, we will help you find a replacement as described in our Terms and Conditions.