Taupo is situated in the centre of the North Island and has a population of circa 24.100. It is an area of geothermal and volcanic activity and has hot springs that are suitable for bathing. Taupo is a great destination for nature lovers and offers a variety of outdoors activities such as river rafting and skydiving. If you come to Taupo as a demi pair with Au Pair New Zealand, you will be right at the base of the Tongariro National Park, where you can do the Tongariro Crossing – a must do for anyone visiting our beautiful country!

You will be studying at a high quality language school with well-qualified staff that is experienced and caring and there is a supportive ‘family’ atmosphere. You will study part time (Working Holiday Visa holders) or full time (Student Visa holders) and can choose between General English, FCE and IELTS. It is possible to study 12, 14, 24 or 36 weeks.

Time Table

Morning classes run from 9 am until 12.15 pm

Afternoon classes run from 1.15 pm until 3.25 pm.

What will you learn?

During the morning classes you will develop your skills in:

  • Vocabulary
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Prununciation
  • Grammar
  • Speaking

In the afternoon, focus will be on developing fluency and confidence in speaking

Who can participate?

There are 2 visas to choose from, depending on the length you wish to study for and your nationality. We do not assist with visas, but you are welcome to check the website of New Zealand Immigration or we can get you in touch with a Licensed Immigration Adviser. 

Type of visa #weeks
Working Holiday Visa 12, 24
Student Visa 14, 24, 36

Can I work?

We strongly advise you to check the New Zealand Immigration website for more information regarding the requirements for your visa and their related terms and conditions. The current minimum wage in New Zealand is 15.75 NZD.  

Working Holiday Visa holders: If you hold a Working Holiday Visa you can work full time (of which 20 hours at the most with the host family)

Student Visa holders: If you hold a Student Visa you need to study at least 14 consecutive weeks full time English at a high quality education provider (category 1 school). If you study 6 months full time, you usually need an IELTS 5.0 score and have a genuine interest in improving your English.

Under New Zealand Tax law, you are considered to be working, as receiving accommodation in exchange for your work is classified as earnings, to the value of 220 NZD per week, plus receiving 70 NZD per week allowance. Therefore you are regarded as an IR56 employee and are responsible for meeting your own tax obligations by completing tax forms and any tax payments to the IRD. Assistance will be provided during the orientation.

When can I start?

You can start any Monday of the academic year for General English. IELTS courses start every first Monday of the month and the closest testing centres are Hawkes Bay, Rotorua, Hamilton, Tauranga and Auckland. Special intake dates for the Cambridge FCE exam preparation apply. The examination centre is Auckland and the listening interview can be sat the day before the exam for out of town students.The school can assist with enrolment in exams. Contact us for more information about the dates.

Orientation day

You are required to bring your passport, a copy of your visa and your health & travel insurance on your first day at school. The orientation day is a one day familiarisation day where all practicalities will be taken care off and where you get to know Taupo and the school.

Between 8.45 am and 9.45 am: you will get help with your enrolment, receive your student ID, get a tour of the school, do a placement test (ca. 40 mins.), receive info on how to open a bank account and obtain a NZ a sim card. 

Between 10.45 am and 12.00pm: you will get a tour of Taupo or start your class and meet your student counsellor, who will assist you with any questions you may have today.

Between 12.15 pm and 1.15 pm: you are free for lunch.

Between 1.15 pm and 3.25 pm: you can either join class or do an activity. There is a white board in the reception area for the activity and the time of departure

— This schedule is indicative and might vary slightly. 


Visa Type #weeks
  12 14 24 36
Working Holiday Visa (NZD) 3,935 6,750
Student Visa (NZD) 5,900 9,320 13,100


Fees include:

  • Assistance with Demi Pair application preparation
  • Demi Pair placement fee
  • Administration fee
  • Free Airport pick up
  • Assessment and placement test
  • Orientation
  • PT or FT English tuition (visa depending)
  • Course materials
  • Free WIFI during school hours
  • 24 hours Demi Pair support line
  • Activities
  • Access to exclusive Au Pair Facebook group
  • A safe and fun family
  • Free accommodation
  • Free meals
  • All bills paid for (unless specified differently)
  • You will receive 70 NZD pocket money per week
  • A certificate after successfully finishing the course
  • A school report


Not included:

  • Transport
  • Personal expenses
  • Insurance
  • Cambridge exam (FCE) fee (375 NZD) (*)
  • IELTS exam fee (435 NZD) (*)
  • IELTS application admin fee (10 NZD)


(*) Subject to change

Prices are valid until 31.12.2017 and include GST. Courses run until December 22nd 2017. In 2018, courses start again on the 8th of January. The school will be closed 14.04.17 (Good Friday), 17.04.17 (Easter Monday), 25.04.17 (ANZAC Day), 05.06.17 (Queen’s Birthday), 23.10.17 (Labour Day)