Placement fee 

It is free to register for an au pair with Au Pair New Zealand. 

There is however an au pair placement fee that exists of 2 parts: a non-refundable initiation fee of 175 NZD to start the procedure and a refundable placement fee that varies depending on the time frame you need to have an au pair for. The total amount (initiation and placement fee) shall be paid upfront, but we have a money back guarantee on the placement fee if we cannot place an au pair in your family. 

  Length of stay Refundable placement fee
  Up to 3 months $225
  3-6 months $525
  6-9 months $725
  9-12 months $925


All details regarding fees and payments can be found in our Terms & Conditions. Any fee related questions can be emailed to info@aupairnewzealand.co.nz

Pocket money of the Au Pair 

Your au pair is taxed on the amount of hours worked per week at the minimum wage of $16.50, accommodation and board. What they get is a net amount of pocket money based on the total of this and is calculated as followed:

Amount of hours worked Net pocket money
20 – 25 $125
26 – 30 $150
31 – 35 $190
36 – 40 $210
41 – 45 $250


The weekly hours your au pair shall work is agreed beforehand in your contract with the au pair. Should you occasionally need additional hours, then this shall be paid at the minimum wage of $16.50 per hour. The au pair shall receive the net amount after tax has been deducted. 

Other costs

You are obliged to register as an employer at Inland Revenue and pay your au pair’s taxes. You can do this yourself and contact IR for help on 0800 227 774 or enrol with one of our partners to help you with the payroll  (conditions apply).

You also need to pay ACC levies. They are happy to assist with any questions you may have and can be reached on 04 816 7400.